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For Real Estate Agents

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Monthly postcards that are easier and faster to create, and engaging for your customers!
The Neighborhood Pin is a monthly direct mail program for real estate agents featuring rich, community-focused content that homeowners will look forward to receiving.
Automate your mailing every 30 or 60 days
Showcase listings, local events, or relevant articles
Easily co-market with vendors or local businesses
Swap Pin elements for a unique piece every month

What Our Customers Are Saying:

Their customers are giving them business and referrals!

When you first get into real estate it can be difficult to figure out where and what to put your money towards that will pay off in the end. The Neighborhood Pin has been very effective and the marketing team makes it so easy to create fun and engaging designs. They are always available for help or suggestions as well as helping you to stay on track with timelines. I would recommend The Neighborhood Pin to anyone who is looking to boost their advertisement to the next level and sit back and watch the magic happen!

Kristina W.

When I first started with The Neighborhood Pin, I could barely afford mailing to a carrier route. But now I am mailing it to entire ZIP codes! To say it helped me grow my business is an understatement


Selling real estate is time consuming and my marketing can’t be. The Neighborhood Pin has been an incredible resource to allow me to sell while keeping myself and my brand in front of my market with relevant and timely information. The fact that I can introduce partners to the program that I already refer to my clients and share in some marketing expense has really helped me increase my reach while increasing the value of my partnerships and my marketing.

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